15 April 2024
  • 15 April 2024

The Vegan Leather “She Don’t (f.t.s)

on 26 November 2021 0

The wonderful thing about getting a ringside seat to chart career of The Vegan Leather is that just when you think you’ve got a grasp of their core mechanics, any conceivable instruction manual or blueprint is gleefully discarded.

On new single ‘She Don’t (f.t.s)’, the band reassert the fact that challenging any preconceptions of the terrain that their sound exists in is and always will be what makes them tick.


Led by a spoken word performance by Gianluca Bernacchi that lands somewhere between James Murphy’s more sardonic moments on Sound Of Silver and the trademark drollness of Mike Skinner, the narrative sees them taking aim at the men whose unwanted advances and narcissistic tendencies have gone unpunished for too long.

Driven by this all too prescient premise and a sleek, compelling groove, each meticulously constructed guitar salvo leads into its scathing putdown of Marie Collins’ chorus which cloaks its very real scorn in an irresistible melody.

Reverting back to an insular approach to production that gives them the free rein to follow any creative whim or time-consuming detour with all the necessary vigour, ‘She Don’t (F.T.S)’ is a gamble that has paid off and then some. Freed from rigidity or the constraints of convention, the new era of The Vegan Leather is one that sees the boundless possibilities of their dynamic for the unique attribute that it is and celebrates it at every turn.


With ‘She Don’t (f.t.s.)’ serving as the lead single from their forthcoming EP Furious, Not Ominous’, we wait with baited breath to see what other sonic curiosities and joyfully liberated pop await us just around the corner.

Furious, Not Ominous will be released on all major streaming platforms on Friday 3rd December.


For now, check out ‘She Don’t (f.t.s)’ below now via Spotify.


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