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Thamma Thai Wellness: therapeutic treatment in Lochwinnoch

on 29 October 2023 0

Brendan of Thamma Thai Wellness takes us inside their hugely beneficial enterprise

Moonie [Harris, lead therapist] started by running a home business in Kilbirnie in 2010, successfully growing it until in 2020, we found our premises in Lochwinnoch and decided to take the business to the next stage.

Using the first Covid lockdown period to reconstruct, add a second therapy room and decorate, we opened as Thamma Thai Wellness in July 2020. 

Our customers are a mix of Moonie’s loyal customers and new converts from Lochwinnoch and beyond, a lot of whom have become regulars. In 2021, a second therapist, Nan, joined the team, and she has become very popular, building up her own fan club.

The name Thamma has a double meaning, extracted from part of Moonie’s maiden name, Thammahiwet, and from the name given to Buddhist scriptures (Dhamma, or Thamma in Thai).

Although a more familiar, relaxing treatment is one option we offer, the large majority of our customers are in need of therapeutic treatment for everything from sports injuries to sciatica and more.

This means that after consultation, we create individual courses of treatments for each customer which hinge upon their personal needs. Everything Moonie, Nan and I do is based on the application of pressure on the body’s energy lines, acupressure points and stretching.

We only use authentic traditional Thai massage techniques, and we don’t use oils.

Ultimately, we feel very much part of the Renfrewshire community and our ethos is to care for all its members. 

To find out how Thamma Thai Wellness could help you, visit the website to book a treatment, or, for a more personalised approach, call 07979 284257.

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