24 June 2024
  • 24 June 2024

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Sculpture House: connecting art and social inclusion

by on 22 March 2024 0
The brainchild of three like minded artists, take a literal and ideological tour through the Future Paisley-backed Sculpture House Project in Ferguslie Reclaiming disused spaces and turning them into something fruitful is something that’s high on the agenda of every municipal body these days. Governed by the idea that it is socially irresponsible to... Read More

Ferguslie Thread Works – back to life in 3D

by on 1 December 2022 0
Richard Vassie, Cameron Swanson and John R Hume talk to us about Ferguslie Thread Works and their place in both local and international history When it comes to Renfrewshire, it’s safe to say that we don’t shy away from our proud industrial history, particularly as it pertains to our storied relationship with thread. Once... Read More

Darren McGarvey talks to Mill Magazine

by on 2 August 2022 0
Five years on from his first book’s release, Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey is putting society under the microscope once more. Here, he talks to Mill about the process, Ferguslie, returning to hip-hop and much more.  When it comes to writing a book, conventional wisdom would say that the concept comes first and the publisher comes... Read More

£100m Renfrewshire housing transformation takes big step forward

by on 19 January 2022 0
An ambitious £100m ten-year plan to transform the quality of council housing in eight areas throughout Renfrewshire has been given the green light to move to the next stage. Councillors today agreed updated plans for the Housing Regeneration and Renewal Programme, revised after an in-depth consultation with the 1,500-plus affected residents last year. The... Read More

An Ode To Ferguslie

by on 12 May 2021 0
The Ferguslie Tourist By Kevin Muirhead Am a Paisley boy born and bred, Tae a faimly of Fegs with the name Muirhead, They hailed fae a street called Logan Drive, Tae the outsider I suppose it was a bit ae a dive, But embedded within it was a deep burning pride, Filled with people... Read More

Ferguslie: Rising Up – the power of a community

by on 25 January 2021 2
No longer willing to abide by its outdated reputation, Ferguslie Park has become a microcosm of how to improve a local community. Now, Darkwood Crew’s Terry McTernan is here to take you through their self-determined path to prosperity. Once referred to as the “biggest cul-de-sac in Western Europe” by the European Parliament, Ferguslie Park... Read More

Interview: John Byrne

by on 1 September 2020 0
Now in his 8th decade, John Byrne is still that same man from Ferguslie with ingenuity to spare. Here, we discuss his recent milestones, Renfrewshire’s enduring spirit and much more.  When people from beyond the region’s postcodes, think of Paisley and Renfrewshire, a few things will commonly come to mind. Perhaps they’ve visited for... Read More