25 July 2024
  • 25 July 2024

The Noise Club: The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 3 March 2023 0

Bastions of the Glasgow music scene but composed of Renfrewshire-born artists, get acquainted with Craig Milroy and Dan Drennan from indie-punk sextet The Noise Club

What were the origins of The Noise Club?

The Noise Club was forged in the fires of lockdown from parts of preexisting bands such as Sway, Sobriety and Heavy Rapids. Soon, members of The Dunts also got involved, making us the closest that there is to a ‘Voltron’ of the Scottish indie scene.

Some of your first gigs included support slots with the likes of The Dunts and The Vegan Leather. Did performing at big shows like this enable the band to gain an early influx of confidence in the material?

It was a bit of a sink or swim scenario to be completely honest, getting thrown straight in at the deep with untested material. But from the first note, we’ve had a great response from everyone coming to gigs and those who’ve been embracing what we’re doing. 

 The Noise Club’s discography is inherently varied, with influences being pulled from across the spectrum of guitar music. Is this a conscious effort, or something that happens organically?

100% a conscious effort. Streaming has killed genres, every band should feel free to do whatever mad idea they want. Big riffs are the best, get fried all the time.

Tell us about the process and concept behind your latest single, Hell Star Indie Wars…

With Hell Star, it was a case of discovering how heavy we can go while still retaining a certain level of pop sensibilities. Lyrically, it was mainly just venting over what I was going through at the time and trying to be as raw as possible with it. 

Do you have other new material and shows coming down the pipeline in 2023?

Our manager, Geoff Quattro, has threatened us with a doing if we answer this, but there might be an EP coming very soon. We’ve recently been on a recording spree where we went up north to get some of our favourites mixed and the tunes are sounding great. 

Quickfire Q&A with The Noise Club

Favourite Renfrewshire Pubs? The Silver Tassie or Pockets

Dream support slot? Captain Beefheart/Metallica co-headline where they only play stuff from Trout Mask Replica and Kill Em All. Or Big Country.

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