18 July 2024
  • 18 July 2024


Future Paisley: creating culture for change

on 9 April 2024 0

At a time of exciting transition for the region, Future Paisley are positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation and growth You might not have heard of Future Paisley, but it’s likely you’ve come across an event, community project or service that’s been supported by it. The partnership programme, led by Renfrewshire Council, has...

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Gavin Mitchell talks to Mill Magazine ahead of his gig in Paisley

on 8 April 2024 0

From Still Game to Tutti Frutti and beyond, Gavin Mitchell discusses Boaby, John Byrne and a whole lot more ahead of his show at The Bungalow in May Gavin Mitchell, your current tour is a retrospective of thirty years on stage and screen. Did you ever think you’d reach this milestone? Well, actually it’s...

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The Renfrewshire Election Scandal of 1874

on 1 April 2024 0

Brian Hannan from Abbey Books in Paisley reveals The Renfrewshire Election Scandal of 1874 thanks to a legal volume donated to the shop I wouldn’t be aware that Renfrewshire had an unsavoury anniversary to celebrate in March 2024 had it not been for the donation – in pristine condition I might add – of...

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Sculpture House: connecting art and social inclusion

on 22 March 2024 0

The brainchild of three like minded artists, take a literal and ideological tour through the Future Paisley-backed Sculpture House Project in Ferguslie Reclaiming disused spaces and turning them into something fruitful is something that’s high on the agenda of every municipal body these days. Governed by the idea that it is socially irresponsible to...

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MrdB: The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 21 March 2024 0

Following a relentless schedule of gigs in 2023, MrdB have no intention of taking their foot off the gas this year either  How did MrdB come about?  Billy Kinnear: My daughters always try to guess how many bands I’ve been in over the years and I’ve played everything over the years (laughs). After I...

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Paisley Festival 1986 programme

on 21 January 2024 0

Brian Hannan from Abbey Books in Paisley discovers another piece of local memorabilia, on this occasion, it’s an old programme from the Paisley Festival 1986 What falls out of books often provides a fascinating insight into the past and none more so than uncovering this amazing hive of creativity celebrated in the annual Paisley...

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Mill Memories edited by Evelyn Hood book review

on 20 January 2024 1

Brian Hannan, local author and manager of Abbey Books in Paisley, reviews Mill Memories by Evelyn Hood After two decades out of print, the acclaimed book by recently-deceased Paisley bestselling author Evelyn Hood has been re-published (and at exactly the same price of £9.99 as before and in an identical format). In anticipation of...

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The Wager by David Grann book review

on 20 January 2024 0

Brian Hannan, local author and manager of Abbey Books in Paisley, reviews The Wager by David Grann Just out in paperback The Wager is the latest book by the author of Killers of the Flower Moon, recently filmed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio. That pair is reputedly circling this one and no wonder...

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Mill Magazine: five years of flying the flag for Renfrewshire

on 30 December 2023 0

Mill Magazine celebrates five years of flying the flag for Renfrewshire, from its early beginnings to the present day As the September/October 2023 issue of Mill Magazine marks our fifth anniversary, it seems only fitting to reflect back on that half a decade and where it’s brought us. Here, our long-serving editor, Robert Blair,...

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The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone book review

on 29 December 2023 0

The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone, reviewed by local councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes The Space Between Us is a masterful step into sci-fi from Scottish Crime writer Doug Johnstone. In Edinburgh, dozens of people experience strokes at the same time after seeing strange lights in the sky. Three of these people find themselves in...

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