25 May 2022
  • 25 May 2022


Passionate Paisley a poem by Elizabeth Van Dyke

on 27 March 2022 0

Passionate Paisley by Elizabeth Van Dyke There’s a place far away I hope to get there one day Where the streets glisten in the pouring rain From the Lowlands to the Gleniffer Braes The River Cart in all her glory Ancient castles rewind their stories The Buskers, Arts and Town Centre Piazza, pubs, bistros, the...

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The Gateway Clash – hitting the right note

on 27 March 2022 0

Fresh from launching a compilation to raise funds for the Paisley-based autism and learning disabilities centre, The Gateway’s Dan Drennan talks about the album and what music means to the service.  At Renfrewshire’s The Gateway, music is not inconsequential. For this award-winning service, the artform is among one of the many things that they...

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The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 27 February 2022 0

In a special bumper edition of “The Sound of Renfrewshire”, we spotlight a handful of the figures who’ve proved that our music scene has flourished in the face of adversity.  It’s no exaggeration to say that over the past year and a half, the world of music has been cast asunder. Through a combination...

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Celtic Music Radio start broadcasting from studios at Braehead

on 4 February 2022 0

Celtic Music Radio has now started broadcasting their wide range of traditional and contemporary folk, roots, Americana and world music programmes from a new home at the popular Renfrewshire shopping mall. It’s thought that this is the first time in the UK a radio station will be broadcasting from a shopping centre. And thanks...

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Linzi Clark on her debut album, All I Have Now

on 27 January 2022 0

Linzi Clark talks us through the process of recording her first full-length body of work and the personal journey that it took her on. Known for her candour, creativity and transfixing vocal performances, Paisley-based singer/songwriter Linzi Clark has received a lot of fanfare in recent months and with good reason. Previously seen as the...

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Ask Alice’s ‘Heartwork’ EP review by Mya Brown

on 25 January 2022 0

As we ease ourselves into a new year, the urge to reset is more prevalent than ever. At Mill, we know that nothing kickstarts that spark quite like a new artist in the daily music cycle. So, as we look forward to what 2022 brings, we look back on an amazing release from 2021...

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Subtopian Planning Board – ‘Outsiders Hymn’ review by Mya Brown

on 21 January 2022 0

Subtopian Planning Board isn’t a name I thought I would hear but it’s one that has burned its way into my brain recently. After releasing singles such as ‘Age of Anxiety’ and ‘Casa Del Árbol’ way back in 2020, this experimental Paisley outfit hit the ground running with their single ‘Outsiders Hymn’ back in...

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Delicatessen: a poem by Jacqueline Jay Wilde

on 9 January 2022 0

Delicatessen by Jacqueline Jay Wilde Because you were smoking We stopped at the door And peered into a cavern Clustered with salami stalactites. The curve of the glass counter Gleamed in the half light, Mirrored shelves and shelves Of Italianate tins and jars And bottles and boxes Stuffed with exotic morsels. The scent of...

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Jim Goodwin talks football, management and winning the cup

on 26 December 2021 0

During a rare international week break, Jim Goodwin caught up with our editor – and lifelong St Mirren fan – to discuss top six ambitions, career highlights and more.  How do you handle the pressure of stewarding the top six ambitions that the club has at the moment? It was something that I spoke...

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