18 July 2024
  • 18 July 2024

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Rocknrolla’s: Paisley’s 350+ capacity music venue

by on 8 May 2022 0
After persevering through lockdowns and setbacks, Paisley’s Rocknrolla’s is preparing for its next evolutionary phase.  Given its rich lineage of creativity, the arrival of a new outlet for expression and revelry is always welcomed with open arms in Paisley. Run by veteran DJ Boab Williamson, Rocknrolla’s is the town’s latest venue and for its... Read More

The Bungalow – Paisley’s music venue renewed

by on 24 September 2021 0
When live music was placed on pause, The Bungalow underwent a quiet but immensely valuable transformation. Now, Paisley’s preeminent venue is ready to reclaim its prominent place in our cultural landscape.  Although it has taken on many different forms over the years, the moniker of “The Bungalow” is ubiquitous with music in Paisley. First... Read More

Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church

by on 1 September 2018 0
Allan Driver is an authority on the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, one of the most famous and cherished landmarks on the Paisley skyline. We spoke to him about the history and future of this magnificent piece of Gothic art. One of Paisley’s most striking buildings, the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church ceased to... Read More