22 May 2024
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Kirstin Innes talks writing, activism, Renfrewshire and more

by on 17 March 2022 0
Sometimes, a piece of art comes along that seems to unconsciously tap into the cultural temperature of the times and with her second book, Edinburgh-born, Lochwinnoch-based author Kirstin Innes has accomplished exactly that. But for all that her latest novel presented a layered, often deeply unjust world in which people have seen aspects of... Read More

Book Review: Scabby Queen by Kirstin Innes

by on 10 February 2021 0
Reviewed by Keira Brown, co-producer of the Paisley Book Festival After winning Not The Booker Prize with Fishnet in 2015, Lochwinnoch-based Kirstin Innes has exceeded the anticipation surrounding her new novel, Scabby Queen, In fact, five years later, she’s delivered an even better novel than her protagonist, Clio Campbell, does an album in this... Read More