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A Renfrewshire Ramble

by on 12 May 2021 0
By Brian Whittingham Along the path beside the river Cart I saunter down 50 years of memory, you keeping me company. We pass the remains of Tam Mulgrew’s golf range the fairway overgrown with gnarled bushes, its meshed perimeter fence hanging like abandoned cobwebs. These days, I can’t hear, the ‘ting ting ting’ of approaching... Read More

Interview: Brian Whittingham

by on 1 July 2019 0
Brian Whittingham is the recently-appointed Renfrewshire Makar. Peter Ross accompanied him on a poetic perambulation. Bunnet pulled low against the wind off the water, his one good ear alert for the passing muse, Brian Whittingham, shipbuilder turned poet, leads the way along the riverbank to a boundary of his realm. We pass oystercatchers, joggers... Read More