22 May 2024
  • 22 May 2024

Paisley Colour Photographic Club: pictures of Renfrewshire

on 22 April 2024 0

Eddie Middleton from Paisley Colour Photographic Club expounds on the scenic and architectural wonders found on our doorstep alongside incredible images from the longstanding institution’s best and brightest Last year, Paisley Colour Photographic Club set its members a challenge to capture images illustrating the best of Renfrewshire. For many the immediate association will be...

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Castle Semple in Lochwinnoch is a hive of activity

on 24 December 2022 0

Although you may be familiar with the name and its glorious views, we’d bet that you might not know the full extent of what’s on offer at Castle Semple.  Whenever someone says Lochwinnoch, images of the stunning Castle Semple Loch likely materialise in your mind. Formerly known as Castletoun, this estate is so vast...

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Microadventuring in Renfrewshire

on 23 December 2022 0

In light of lockdown, everyone’s looking at familiar locales through a new lens and the world of microadventuring is one way to maximise their potential, right here in Renfrewshire. Between the physical restrictions that emerged for nigh-on two years as a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial burdens that we’re all facing...

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