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Beauty Expert: Bekka Costello

on 1 January 2019 0

Bekka Costello is the owner and semi-permanent make-up artist at Elixir Lounge. PhiBrows qualified in micro-blading, she offers a natural look and shape to brows, complementing your face shape.

What’s the best thing about working in the industry?

The wide variety of people you meet from different places. By far the best thing about my job, though, is when people come back for a top-up on their brows and tell me how much their confidence has increased since having them done.

What’s your favourite cosmetics brand?

I believe it’s important not to stick to a specific brand. I am, however, loving the fab new Chanel 3D-printed mascara.

What beauty trends are you enjoying right now?

I’m really loving these slightly more cosmetic facials, Dermaplaning in particular. It’s actually my favourite treatment that we offer in the salon, as it’s so simple yet so effective. It involves using a surgical scalpel – don’t worry, no pain is involved and it’s not at all as scary as it sounds! – that removes all the dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face, leaving your skin super smooth and glowing. I’ve found that my own skin has never been so clear since I started having it done.

What should people look for when getting their eyebrows done?

The key word is ‘natural’. Natural can’t go out of fashion, but trends can. Next is the arch, which opens the eyes and can give a more youthful appearance. Do your research, look at lots of pictures and find an artist whose style suits you. When you find work by someone where you can say there isn’t a picture you don’t like, then they’re the one for you.

What’s your top tip for achieving a professional look at home?

Less is more. Don’t use a pencil to fill in the brows. Instead, sharpen a pencil into a flat shape and use it to lightly draw hair strokes through the brow. Alternatively, use a fine angled brow brush and powder. Use the brush to line the brow along the bottom to create definition, then continue to brush through, leaving the front until last so that it’s softer.

Elixir Lounge is located at Upper Floor, 12 New Street, Paisley, PA1 1XY. 0141 889 8623. This interview was published in Mill issue 3 January/February 2019.

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