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Cracking down on fly tipping in Renfrewshire

by on 1 February 2023 0
Renfrewshire Council is cracking down on fly tipping with the creation of a new team dedicated to catching people and businesses in the act. Six officers are putting a focus on fly tipping in Renfrewshire with the aim of identifying offenders, reducing the number of instances taking place, and increasing the number of fines... Read More

Renfrewshire set for another Spotless September

by on 20 August 2021 0
Hundreds of volunteers from across Renfrewshire are set to make it a Spotless September once again. They will head out into their communities to brighten up the area where they live. Volunteers are encouraged to take part as often as they can throughout the month-long event. Whether that’s ten minutes round the block or... Read More

Ferguslie: Rising Up – the power of a community

by on 25 January 2021 2
No longer willing to abide by its outdated reputation, Ferguslie Park has become a microcosm of how to improve a local community. Now, Darkwood Crew’s Terry McTernan is here to take you through their self-determined path to prosperity. Once referred to as the “biggest cul-de-sac in Western Europe” by the European Parliament, Ferguslie Park... Read More