23 June 2024
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Shaun Moore – Tannahill Makar and spoken word artist

by on 23 December 2022 0
Just weeks on from his appointment as Tannahill Makar, Mill caught up with spoken word artist Shaun Moore to discuss his new role, Renfrewshire’s radical heritage and more.  When it’s done right and without airs, graces or elitism, poetry and spoken word has the capacity to effect and advocate for change, broaden horizons and... Read More

A Breeze of Good Fortune

by on 10 February 2021 0
By Brian Whittingham At Canal Street’s Railway Path, the church’s wrought-iron gates are padlocked with decay as if the church itself is a prop for a spooky film.  We stumble over dry twigs and crunch leaves, squelching mud underfoot, the thorny undergrowth reaching for our ankles as we wind our way past dead headstones... Read More

The Grotesque

by on 14 January 2021 0
By Claire Casey A mouth, snarling at the world, a figure of stone, standing against all the evils of this world that threaten to overrun. It forces them back from whence they came, and protects the building that it calls home. No evil shall enter, or pass beyond, the thick, ancient stone walls. Not... Read More