25 June 2024
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The Unthanks: interview with Becky Unthank for Mill

by on 1 May 2019 0
The Unthanks are folk troubadours in the classic tradition. We spoke to Rachel about keeping the flame alive. Since The Unthanks released their first album in 2005, Tyneside siblings Becky and Rachel Unthank have accumulated a barrage of awards and critical acclaim.  Their restless musical journey has involved collaborations with Sting, Paul Hartnoll from... Read More

The Logans

by on 1 January 2019 0
The Logans from Barrhead are a real-life Von Trapp family. Mum, dad and their nine – count ‘em – children all sing and play. Their dog, Frank, has yet to pick up a musical instrument, but it’s only a matter of time. Two years ago, Honor (25), Tayler (23) and Leona Blue (22) decided... Read More