15 August 2022
  • 15 August 2022

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In a Good Light

by on 1 March 2020 0
Often taken for granted rather than carefully thought out, our very own interiors virtuoso Kike Pavlik explains why your home’s illumination merits forward-planning. Proper lighting design is crucial to comfortable and safe living. It helps you perform tasks with greater ease, enhances relaxation and enables you to enjoy your home to its full potential.... Read More

Hygge Me!

by on 1 November 2019 0
Rather than focusing on materiality, Kike Pavlik talks us through a Scandinavian approach to interiors that values ambiance over aesthetics. Hooga? Hhyooguh? Heurgh? It is not important how you choose to pronounce or spell ‘hygge’. After all, whenever Winnie the Pooh was asked how to spell a certain emotion, he said: “You don’t spell... Read More

Working 9 to 5…

by on 1 November 2019 0
As we continue to adjust to our ever-changing world, interiors editor Kike Pawlik unveils her tips for an inviting makeshift office. Working from home is the new norm right now. Every house needs a place for work, homework, admin and, where required, home-schooling. Given the circumstances, more and more of us intend to have... Read More

La Vie Bohème!

by on 1 September 2019 0
Channel your inner beatnik with these slick, innovative interiors tips from Kike Pavlik. Bohemian style stereotypically resembles Eastern interiors with a lot of bright colours and patterns, not to mention a mix of different types of furniture. Consequently, it’s quite easy to take a kitsch attitude to it and this is something we want... Read More

Hot Plants

by on 1 July 2019 0
Flex your green fingers and bring the outdoors inside with some expert advice from Carine Seitz. When spring is springing, there is no better way to celebrate than with plants. Bringing nature into your home can’t fail to energise you. Not only do they look striking and full of life, they actually improve your... Read More

The Dark Side

by on 1 January 2019 0
Our minister of interiors Carine Seitz suggests some stylish modern moods for your kitchen. Whether you’re planning on investing in a new kitchen, or just like to keep an eye on the world of interiors, you can’t fail to have noticed the current trend for dark colours. This move towards embracing deep shades of... Read More