24 June 2024
  • 24 June 2024

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Mill Memories edited by Evelyn Hood book review

by on 20 January 2024 1
Brian Hannan, local author and manager of Abbey Books in Paisley, reviews Mill Memories by Evelyn Hood After two decades out of print, the acclaimed book by recently-deceased Paisley bestselling author Evelyn Hood has been re-published (and at exactly the same price of £9.99 as before and in an identical format). In anticipation of... Read More

Evelyn Hood: A tribute to Paisley’s all-time bestselling author

by on 28 January 2023 6
Paisley’s all-time bestselling author, Evelyn Hood, has died. Famed for her Paisley sequence of eight novels, former journalist Evelyn’s books had a global following. A tribute by Brian Hannan from Abbey Books. In my opinion she was unfairly discounted in literary circles and for the worst reason of all – she was a woman.... Read More