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Paisley Music Roundup 03 by Tommy McGrory

by on 19 May 2022 0
Welcome to Tommy McGrory’s Paisley Music Roundup 03, looking ahead at gigs in the town from Friday. On Friday, The Bungalow has The Machine Rages On playing for the first time. They are the UK’s No.1 Rage Against the Machine Tribute. The set list includes all the classic Rage Against the Machine songs from their... Read More

The Sound of Renfrewshire: The Deep Shining Sea

by on 10 February 2021 0
Veterans of the scene, we spoke to The Deep Shining Sea’s Stevie Hillcoat about influences, physical copies and Paisley’s musical rebirth. How did the band come together? “Jamie (McLachlan, drums) and I were in a band called Lemonhaze that split in 2017, but we stuck together. I had an album’s worth of demos recorded... Read More